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In 2013, GUBI and GamFratesi introduced the Beetle Chair to the world, and a modern classic was born. Now, a decade later, the studio has reimagined their landmark design concept in 3D veneer – giving the Beetle a bold new natural expression and further emphasizing its status as an archetypal design, open to interpretation in any number of materials.
The Beetle has always involved a high degree of skill to produce, but with the veneer edition, GamFratesi has introduced an even greater level of craft. The meeting point of the two shells, as well as the junction between the wood and the upholstery, underline the craftsmanship that has gone into the chair, as well as emphasizing its precise detailing and graceful form. The thickness of the shell varies: wider at the points of connection, to allow for greater strength, but thinner at the edges to preserve the iconic silhouette.

GUBI Beetle 3d Veneer






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This is a space for our tastemakers: a collection of interviews with designers who constantly inspire us. We love to have meaningful conversations with our community of designers and makers and want them connect with each other. 

The tastemaker section is an opportunity to hear about the ups and downs of our businesses, the things that inspire us and what we struggle with. Dive into a personal journey with each of us and connect.

Connection is why we are here: it is what gives purpose and meaning to our lives.

- Brene Brown


Design creates culture. Culture shapes values. Values determine our future.

- JUlia Miller -
principal at Yond Interiors

As designers, being able to source specialty pieces and international brands are the linchpins to our work. We are so thankful to have discovered CARA + Co as our go-to resource for sourcing and procuring our favorite European brands. Christin and her team are responsive, kind, and go the extra mile to make sure that we can get exactly what we're looking for. We greatly value them as a trade partner and would highly recommend their services to the design community.

- Kristen Fiore -
principal at Kristen Elizabeth Design

Working with Cara and team has been a great experience. Christin is an infinite source of knowledge and details for her lines and really helps you navigate the endless options so you can present the best design solutions to your clients. In addition, she is quick to help you remedy challenges with vendors in a timely manner. Christin's experience and eye for great design is always evident, so you know she always has your best interest in mind. 

- Brooke Stoll -
OBM for interior designers

Christin was absolutely wonderful to work with and made the process of ordering from a new (to us) vendor seamless and easy! I highly recommend working with CARA+Co.

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Designer crush



We want to celebrate some of the finest and most influential French interior designers. Jean-Louis Deniot, Jacques Grange, and Pierre Yovanovitch, just to name a few. With each designer having their own varying design styles, you’re bound to find inspiration from at least one designer. Some are eclectic, classic, or modern, yet all are elevated and inspirational. We hope you’ll have a shared admiration for what they bring to the design world. 

french designers





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It's a vibe… a state of mind and even a lifestyle. California Casual incorporates a mix of playful, chic, and eclectic elements and exudes an effortlessly collected and relaxed atmosphere. You won't find any bold color statements with this style. It’s all about subtleties, neutral tones, textures, and an abundance of natural light. Despite the minimalism and "lack" of color, this style never feels cold or uncomfortably modern. We invite you to read about a few key features that distinguish this vibe. 

California Casual





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We have been seeing a movement emerge in the commercial design world: designers are creating office spaces that we could live in. 
This inspired us to think about a tailored, residential approach that creates layered and inviting offices. What does it take to design a productive workspace that is inspiring, motivating, as well as efficient? After all, who wants to work in a space defined by the stark, utilitarian cubical. Let's embrace this new direction to a brighter and more decorated work environment.



Inspiring Office Spaces



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