Yond Interiors' design philosophy is the belief that intentional design interactions enhance overall well-being. This fundamental principle serves as the foundation for their diverse residential project portfolio. Continually exploring proportion, light, and balance, they meticulously create genuine and nurturing environments customized for everyday living.

Embracing values rooted in profound respect for historical architecture and a fervor for craftsmanship, Yond Interiors focuses on the essence of their work. This essence is embodied in the curation of vintage and custom-made pieces, acting as the foundational pillars of their creative pursuits.

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yond interiors


Invest in what you love. Trends come and go, but items that you love will never lose taste.

- julia  miller

yond interiors


We are creators at heart and we couldn't love creating more. We are working on filling out our cutom furniture line with the retailer Faitthful Roots. We are also working on a few new partnerships with brands and of course our client work. We're filling our rosters with projects we are excited about in locations that are inspiring.

What are you most excited about this year? 

Gah, that's like choosing children but we love whole home projects that allow us to translate our vision in totality. The two projects that come to mind are our Broadway Court project and our River Road project. We loved transforming these spaces from tip to tail and intagrating details every step of the way. We're suckers for custom cabinetry and both of these projects allowed us to express oursleves.

Can you talk about two of your most favorite projects that you recently worked on?

Invest in what you love. Trends come and go, but items that you love will never lose taste.

From your experience, what is the best design or decorating advice you can offer someone? 

Soulful. We aim to work with clients that are investing in their forever homes or at least spaces that they want to love and enjoy for a very long time. We are driven by an intense belief that the spaces in inhabit day to day should support and rejuvienate your life. When we take on a project we think of it comprehensively, down to the tiniest of details. For us, the joy comes in working on projects from concept to completion.

How would you describe your approach to design?

I know it sounds so cliche but I feel like I was born with it. I, like many, in this field was influenced to notice and curate spaces since I was very young. I was lucky to be surrounded by women who crafted their homes very specifically and that for sure was a spark that lit the fire for me. It took me a little later in life to realize that my passion for interiors could also be my career, so while my path was windy I'm so happy to be where I am now.

What inspired your passion for interior design? 

The pandemic really put life into perspective for so many people and we are seeing that translate to what people want out of their homes. We are seeing more people wanting to love the spaces that they live in, not just tolerate their enviornment. We've had new clients reach out to us that have made the leap to move to places that they love and so they are starting over. It's all over the map. I think the throughline is that people want to enjoy and live their lives to the fullest and for us that means clients are asking more and more to invest in where they live.

What trend do you see emerging right now? 

Running or excercise. I'm always training for a race or event, and keeping a steady stream of exercise keeps me centered.

Any daily must-have routines that make you happy or keep you centered?

We are earthy people, full stop. We love all things that mother nature creates and we're inspired by the palette of the outdoors

Where do you find inspiration? 

Timelines still continue to be a challenge, it's been hard to juggle all the different lead times and have project come to a smooth end. We're finding that projects are just lagging waiting for appliances.

What’s your biggest challenge being a designer? 

Any and everything in western Europe.

What city or place is on your bucket list?

What is your favorite room in your house and why?

My favorite room in my house is hands down our living room. It is so cozy in the winter and facilitates so much fun (board games and chess galore!) for our family that it's hard to not love it!



We are big fans of The Diary of a CEO podcast. As such we love to include a closing tradition for our designer features: asking each of featured guests to leave a question to the next featured designer, not knowing who they are going to leave it for.

The question that was left for Julia came from Marc Berger at Hunterhouse Design .

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